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WordPress Plugin to enable Social Login, Social Sharing and Social Commenting

April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to LoginRadius plugin demo for WordPress websites.

LoginRadius plugin enables social login on a website letting users log in through their existing IDs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and over 15 more! This plugin not only eliminates the long registration process of filling up form and verifying email ID but also saves the user from remembering another set of username and password. So, the users are just one click away from login to your website. Along with Social Login, LoginRadius plugin also provide features like Social Sharing, User Profile Data and Social Analytics.

This demo site provides all the details about LoginRadius plugin and its working for WordPress websites. Enabling social login on WordPress websites through LoginRadius is quick & easy! All you have to do is to download LoginRadius plugin for WordPress, install plugin, log in to our website and get LoginRadius API Key and Secret. A detailed documentation is available here. Check out our 2 minute video to know more about LoginRadius.

We also have plugin for Joomla and Drupal and you can implement LoginRadius on non-CMS website as well.

Kindly share your feedback with us. This will help us in improving our product.

To know more about us, visit our website and blog.

Happy Social Login
LoginRadius Team
Updates: http://blog.loginradius.com

19 responses to WordPress Plugin to enable Social Login, Social Sharing and Social Commenting

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  7. Glad I found this plugin. I’ve been searching for something that would allow linkedin log in for a couple of wordpress sites. Does it allow transfer of profile data to a directory site?

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